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Yukon Heritage Resources Board

The Yukon Heritage Resources Board (YHRB) is a land claims implementation board established in 1995 with the general terms found in Chapter 13 of the Umbrella Final Agreement (UFA), which serves as a template for individual Yukon First Nation Final Agreements. The duties, responsibilities, and authority of the Board are set out in the Yukon First Nation Final Agreements, the Yukon's Historic Resources Act, and Yukon First Nation Heritage Acts.

The Board is mandated to make recommendations to the federal and territorial Ministers responsible for heritage and to Yukon First Nations regarding the preservation, designation, and management of heritage resources and sites in the Yukon. The YHRB may also be asked to make determinations related to the ownership of certain heritage resources, pursuant to and 13.3.6 of the Final Agreements.

Conserving and interpreting historic sites

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