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Our Guiding Values and Beliefs

We believe that heritage is fundamental to the telling of the story of who we are as Yukoners, and who we collectively aspire to be. Heritage matters.

We believe in providing fair, inclusive, well-considered, and well-researched advice and recommendations that consider all perspectives and points of view while upholding the spirit and intent of the Yukon First Nation Final Agreements.

We believe that everyone has a voice and we engage in honest dialogue with openness, respect, integrity, and full transparency.

We aspire to the ideals of Truth and Reconciliation and embrace the use of Indigenous Knowledge and other ways of knowing to ensure that our work is culturally appropriate, respectful, and inclusive.

We value respectful and strong relationships, partnerships, and collaborations that result in made-for-Yukon solutions to achieve important heritage-related priorities.

We acknowledge, respect, and honour the inherent right of the Indigenous peoples of the Yukon to self-determination, including on matters related to heritage, language, and culture.

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