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The Yukon Heritage Resources Board (YHRB) was established in 1995 under the Umbrella Final Agreement (UFA), the framework for land claims agreements in the Yukon. The mandates, duties, and responsibilities of the Board are set out in the individual Yukon First Nation Final Agreements, the Yukon's Historic Resources Act  (Part 1, Section 4), and Yukon First Nation Heritage Acts.


Under these pieces of legislation, the mandate of the Yukon Heritage Resources Board is to provide advice on heritage-related issues and make recommendations to the federal and territorial Ministers responsible for heritage and to Yukon First Nations regarding preservation, designation, and management of a wide range of heritage resources and sites.  


The Board also has a mandate to make determinations regarding ownership of heritage resources referred to the Board under sections and/or 13.3.6 of the Final Agreements.

What is the YHRB?

Fort Selkirk. Credit: Yukon Government

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